This is the source code of my paint program Drawer!
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Drawer! SourceCode

This is the source code of my paint program Drawer! Drawer! Is a paint program made by Marvin Johanning. This program was firtly designed for my 6 year old sister, so that she can learn how to use the mouse etc. But I will provide the source code of the program for everybody to use. The program was made with the Ruby Gem Gosu and TexPlay. Here are the controls: Press the left mouse button to draw. Press the right mouse button to erease things. Press the number 1, 2, 3 .. 0 on your keyboard, to change the colour you draw with (current colour can be seen at the bottom of the screen) Mousewheel Up and Down controls the brush size. Press the middle mouse button to clear the whole screen. There is one example program, that you can use to find out how the gem 'TexPlay' works ;) Feel free to add things.

Hope you enjoy this program. Happy Coding,