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<title>My projects</title>
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<h1>My projects</h1>
<h3>Τίνες εἰσὶν ἁι βουλαί μου;</h3>
<i>What are my projects?</i>
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<i>Saint Paul Writing His Epistles — 1618 1620, Valentin de Boulogne</i>
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<p>Indeed, what use is the learning of a foreign language if you do not use it to create something? This, at least, is what I believe; and, therefore, I work on several projects most of the time which relate to my study of the Ancient Greek language. This page contains information regarding the projects I am working on and the (approximate) date on which I began my work. I you have any suggestions or ideas, feel free to contact me and tell me!</p>
<p>Please note, however, that I do not work on my projects in any particular order; instead, I work on them as I feel like working on them.</p>
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<h2>Current projects</h2>
<ul style="padding: 0px;">
<li>Reading the <a href="/shelf/physical/readersedition.php">New Testament</a> (January 2021)</li>
<li>Translating <a href="/translations/histories1/index.php">Herodotus Histories</a> (April 2021)</li>
<li>Reading the <a href="/shelf/physical/readerseditionot.php">Septuaginta</a> (May 2021)</li>
<li>Translating <a href="/translations/GNT/gospels/john/index.php">The Gospel of John</a> (August 2021)</li>
<li>Translating <a href="/translations/GNT/generalepistles/index.php">The Epistles of John</a> (August 2021)</li>
<li>Recording <a href="/audio.php">audio books</a> for various texts (May 2022)</li>
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<h2>Finished projects</h2>
<ul style="padding: 0px;">
<li>Translating the <a href="/translations/GNT/apocalypse/index.php">Apocalypse of John</a> (May-August 2021)</li>
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