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<h3>Ἐπιστολὴν τινά μοι πέμπε</h3>
<i>Write me a letter or an email</i>
<img src="/media/imgs/cossacks_letter.webp", width="300", height="300" onerror="this.onerror=null; this.src='/media/imgs/cossacks_letter.jpg'" alt="" width="300" height="300">
<i>The Zaporozhye Cossacks Replying to the Sultan — 1878 1891, Ilya Repin</i>
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<h2>Contact me</h2>
<p>Below you will find some information about how you might get in touch with me. Due to the rather strict privacy laws in Germany — and my desire not to get into trouble —, I must ask you to carefully study the text below and be fully aware of the potential risks before you attempt to contact me.</p>
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<h2>Important! Privacy statement must be read before attempting to contact me!</h2>
<p>I am honoured that you wish to contact me, but, unfortunately with all the new data privacy laws having taken effect a few years ago, it has become — to the uninitiated — somewhat of a grey zone to allow people to contact you via email. I rather just have an email address or, perhaps, even simply a contact form here, but as I do not want to get entangled in any sort of legal trouble, I, instead, opt to simply give you my email, a link to our privacy statement and what the potential risks of contacting me via email are.</p>
<p><b><font color="red">Before you contact me, please read our Privacy Statement!!</b></font>
<b><font color="red">By contacting me, you agree to our Privacy Statement!!</b></font></p>
<a href="/privacy/privacy-policy.php">Click this link to read our Privacy Statement!</a>
<p>I especially advice against sending personal information (such as your password, home address, credit card number or anything else you may not wish to become publicly available) via email, as emails are generally not encrypted and could thus easily be intercepted and evaluated by a third party; this may result in your data being compromised. I am not liable for any damages caused by intercepted and compromised data that was sent to my email address; therefore, <b><font color="red">do not include personal information in your emails unless you are fully aware of the risks.</font></b></p>
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<h2>Contact details</h2>
<p>My email is marvin [at] ancient-greek [dot] net</p>
<p>For security and privacy reasons, my email address has been written without any of the special symbols. Addtionally, two exclamation marks have been put into the URL; simply remove them. Therefore, if you are you sure want to contact me and you agree with the privacy statement, please replace the words in brackets with the appropriate symbol usually used in an email address.</p>
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