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ἄστυ, τό city (of Athens) (3f)
ἀτιμάζω dishonour, hold in dishonour
γεωργός, ὁ farmer (2a)
γυνή (γυναικ-), ἡ woman, wife (3a)
δαίμων (δαιμον-), ὁ god, (minor) deity, daimon (3a)
δεσπότης, ὁ master (1d)
διαφθείω (διαφθειρ-) destroy, kill
ἔτι καὶ νῦν even now, still now
εὔφων, εὖφον (εὖφον-) well-disposed
θνητός ή όν mortal
κακοδαίμων κακόδαιμον (κακόδαιμον-) unlucky, dogged by an evil daimon
κρατέω hold sway, power (over)
κωλύω hinder, prevent
μάλιστα especially; particularly; yes
νεκρός, ὁ corpse (2a)
νή (+ acc.) by …!
νόμος, ὁ law, convention (2a)
νόσος, ἡ plague, disease (2a)
οἴκησις, ἡ dwelling (3a)
ὀλίγος η ον small, few
οὐδείς οὐδεμία οὐδέν (οὐεν-) no; no one, nothing
πλῆθος, τό number, crowd; the people (3c)
πόλις, ἡ city (state) (3a)
πρᾶγμα (πραγματ-), τό thing; matter; affair; (pl.) troubles (3b)
πυρά, ἡ funeral pyre (1b)
σκεύη, τά gear, furniture (3c)
τάξις, ἡ battle-array, order, rank (3e)
τιμάω to honour
τίς τί (τίν-) who? what?
τις τι (τιν-) a, a certain; someone
τύπτω strike, hit
φέρω (ἐνεγκ-) carry, bear
φόβος, ὁ fear (2a)

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ἀνομία, ἡ lawlessness (1b)
ἀπάγω (ἀπαγαγ-) lead/take away
ἀποκτείνω (ἀποκτεινα-) to kill
ἀποφεύγω (ἀποφυγ-) to escape, run off
ἀσέβεια, ἡ irreverence to the gods (1b)
αὐτόν ή ό him, her, it, them
ἀφέλκω (ἀφελκυσα-) drag off
βασιλεύς, ὁ king (3g)
βωμός, ὁ altar (2a)
δοῦλος, ὁ slave (2a)
ἐπικαλέομαι call upon (witness)
ἱερον, τό shrine (2b)
ἱκέτης, ὁ suppliant (1d)
κῆρυξ (κῆρυκ-) herald (3a)
λανθάνω (λαθ-) escape notice of X (acc.) in ing (part.)
μά (+ acc.) by…!
μισέω to hate
ξενος/ξεῖνος, ὁ foreigner, stranger, guest, host (2a)
ὀλοφύρομαι lament, mourn for
ὀρθός ή όν straight, correct, right
πάσχω (παθ-) suffer, experience, undergo
παύομαι stop
πρεσβευτής, ὁ ambassador (1d)
πρέσβεις, οἱ ambassador (3e)
τρέπομαι (τραπ-) turn, turn in flight
τυγχάνω (τυχ-) happen to be ing, be actually ing (+ nom. part.)
ὕβρις, ἡ aggression, violence (3e)
ὑπηρέης, ὁ servant, slave (1d)
φαίνομαι (φαν-) seem to be, appear to be, am clearly (+ part.)
φθάνω anticipate X (acc.) in ing (nom. part.)
ὤ (+ gen.) what…!

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αἴτιος α ον responsible (for), guilty (of)
ἁπτω light; fasten, fix
βαθύς deep
βαρύς heavy
βίος, ὁ life, means, livelihood (2a)
γάμος, ὁ marriage (2a)
διαλέγομαι coverse (dialogue)
δίκη, ἡ lawsuit; penality; justice (1a)
δίκην λαμβάνω (λαβ-) (παρά + gen.) exact one's due; punish
διότι because
δυστυχής unlucky
εἰσφέρω (εἰσενεγκ-) bring in, carry in
ἔνειμι to be in(side)
ἡδύς sweet, pleasant
ἱππος, ὁ horse (2a)
κακὰ/κακῶς ποιέω treat badly; do harm to
κολάζω to punish
νεανίας, ὁ young man (1d)
νεός α ον young
οἰκέτης, ὁ house-slave (1d)
ὁλος η ον whole of
οὐδέπω/οὔπω not yet
ὀφείλω to owe
πατήρ (πατ(ε)ρ-), ὁ father (3a)
παύω to stop
πείθομαι (πιθ-) (+ dat.) trust, obey
σχεδόν near, nearly; almost
τότε then
υἱός, ὁ son (2a)
φής you (s.) say
χρέα, τά debts (3c uncontr.)
χρήματα, τά money (3b)
χρηστός ή όν good, fine, serviceable