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Hello and welcome to this little Space Game
-System Requirements
OS: Windows 7 or 8
Screenresolution: 1920x1080
Ram: 2Gb
CPU: Intel Core vPro 2
Soundcard: OnBoard
Graphics card: nVidia Quadro NVS 140M
Internet Connection: 400kbit/s (For updates)
Media: Keyboard
OS: Windows 7
Screenresolution: 1920x1080
Ram: 4Gb
CPU: Intel Core i3
Soundcard: Thrustmaster Soundcard (2009 or later)
Graphics card: nVidia Geforce GT540
Internet Connection: 700kbit/s (For updates)
Media: Keyboard, Mouse
-Game History
I started a game called "The Legend Of Dimando", because I wanted to make a game Ruby. I made it for about 3 Months, but I didn't get that much feedback. So I decided to learn Gosu (A Ruby Gem. It's a 2d Graphic Library for Ruby!). After I learned it, I wanted to make a little Space-Game (because I really like that genre). Then I showed the game to my friends in school, and I got way more feedback than before. I also got some critic, that I've used to improve the game. Then about a week later I had way more objects and entities and also the first test of an enemy (without movement whatsoever). Then I had a sleepover at a friend, where I finished the enemy, so that it could move and and shoot. There I also improved the shooting feature. That was the time for the Alpha to begin. After the enemy was done, I made a few more little and big improvments. Af first, I've added more obsticles to avoid and also a second player feature. Then I worked on how I could detect, where the player is. After I've done that, the enemy could hurt the players, the players could hurt each other and the players could hurt the enemy. After that, I made the Blackhole aka. the Wormhole. When you fly into it, it ports you to a random point. After that, I made a little break, because I had no more ideas. But a few weeks later the Alpha 5 was released! Then I made a few more improvments... AND NOW: THE ALPHA 1.0!
-Developer Information
Hi, my name's Marvin Johanning (NRW, Germany) and I'm 14 years old. This is my second big project, that go way more feedback than the other (The Legend Of Dimando). So I decided to work on this one more!
I hope you'll enjoy the game :D
Player 1:
The first Player can control his ship with W, A, S, D to move. To shoot, press the Spacebar.
Player 2: You use the Arrow Keys to maneuver. To shoot, press Right Shift
(Coming Soon) Gamepad Controls:
You can collect them with your ship or a bullet. They increase your score by 1. They spawn automatically, but you can also spawn them by pressing 1
You can destroy them with a bullet. If so you do not lose any points. If you crash into it, your score and your life get decreased by 1. Asteroids spawn autmatically, but you can also spawn them by pressing 2.
Big Coloured Asteroids:
You cannot destroy them with bullets, you have to avoid them. If you crash into a big asteroid, your live decreases by 4, as well as your score. You can spawn them by pressing 3
There are currently two types of enemies in the game: A Planet and a ship. Both of them Shoot. The ship has 20 Lives and when you hit it, the ship takes 1-4 Damage. The ship can fly into asteroids, it can collect hearts and it can fly into wormholes. The Planet has 15 Lives and when you hit it, it takes .3 - 1 Damage. The Planet can just fly into wormholes
You can spawn Wormholes by pressing 5. Wormholes teleport you somewhere on the map. Sometimes they can help you, and sometimes they kill you, because you get teleported right into a big-/asteroid!
You can spawn lives with 4. They increase your health by one. You cannot collect them with your bullet, you have to fly into them with your ship
When you are near the SpaceBase you get some live back and it's the only place where you can open the shop.
-Ship upgrades:
When you're near the SpaceBase and press B, a Store will open up. You can buy different things there, but the only thing that can be bought yet is "ADD 10 HP". To close the shop press ESC.
-Files and other
Log Files:
Every time you start the game, a logfile gets created -NOT FINISHED YET-
(Coming Soon) Highscore:
If you press H while playing, a .highscorespace file gets created. If you open the file, you can see your score-NOT FINISHED YET-